About Us

Founded in 2016, MyDukaan aims to bring the local store into the 21st century. With the rise of the online marketplace and large retail stores/supermarkets, the neighborhood kirana, nadar kadai, angadi and local stores have been left behind; unable to compete in terms of connectivity and accessibility. The initiative pursued by MyDukaan is two-­‐fold – a user-­‐friendly app and a local network of loyal shoppers and reliable stores. The first, providing the technological infrastructure to Local Stores, required to catch up with the online race, and the second, connecting customers to fresh and everyday essentials.

Already connected to over 300 local stores within Bangalore city, MyDukaan is quickly becoming the go-­‐to app for those looking to remain fiercely local.  ”MyDukaan Initiative” also assist in a social cause to help Local Store communities to grow and sustain their business thereby helping their families to earn their livelihood.

MyDukaan Initiative

MyDukaan initiative is a social cause to help Local Store communities Go Online, by providing them the technology infrastructure to be a player in the online market place, thereby helping them to grow and sustain their business.

Apart from shopping for your needs from local stores using the MyDukaan app, Customers can also help in promoting the “MyDukaan Initiative” of proudly supporting the local stores, thereby providing business to the people whose livelihood and survival depend on these stores

MyDukaan attempts to give its customers, the convenience of shopping from their local stores and also delight the families running the kirana/local store with more business opportunity in his neighborhood itself.

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