Here are some common questions about MyDukaan.


What is MyDukaan App?

MyDukaan is an mobile app that helps Customers buy their daily needs from their nearby Local stores. It displays Local stores near the customer location and helps the customer to buy their groceries quickly from the stores in a fast and efficient manner.

MyDukaan provides a platform to connects customers to the Local stores near them. The Customer selects the store and places the order directly with the store and the store arranges to deliver the order to the customer.

How MyDukaan App Works?

MyDukaan app locates  & displays Local stores near you. Whether you are at home or office or any other location, the app shows Local stores near you, ideally within a distance of 1-2 kms. You can then,

  1. Select the Store
  2. Place your orders
  3. Get it delivered to your door step
How can I download the MyDukaan App?

You can download the App from the Google Play Store [MyDukaan] or click on “Get the MyDukaan App” button in our website and we shall send you a link to download the app



What can I order using the MyDukaan App?

Almost anything you need in your groceries (Staples, Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy products, Beverages, Personal care products etc.).

What about delivery of my orders ?

The delivery will be done by the person from the Local store. They will deliver to your doorstep and you can pay them directly. Since the Local store is near you, the orders will be delivered quickly.

What is the minimum order value ?

The minimum order value is Rs.150/- (Rupees One hundred & fifty only).

What if, the store does not have an item, I have requested ?

Your Local Store may send you a substitute product, similar to the one you have ordered. You can either, accept it or reject the same and, pay the Local Store accordingly. Sometimes, the product or the optional product, may not be available at that time in the Local store and in that case, the bill amount will be adjusted, accordingly and you then only pay for what has been delivered.

What about delivery on week ends or holidays ?

The delivery of the products depends on the Local Store. Some local stores are closed on a certain day of the week and sometimes for a day on a festive occasion. Delivery will not be available on those days.

Can I cancel my order?

MyDukaan App offers you the convenience of buying online from your nearby Local store, thereby  ensuring faster delivery. Hence, we suggest that, if you need to cancel the order, please do so within 10-15 minutes of placing the order, else, once the order is out for delivery from the store, it cannot be cancelled.

Is there any charges for Delivery ?

Yes. The delivery charges are Rs.10/- (ten rupees only) per order, payable to the Local store


What are the payment options ?

COD (Cash on delivery) or Credit/Debit cards, Wallets etc. are acceptable

Is there any additonal charges that I have to pay?

MyDukaan charges a minimal convenience fee of Rs.10/- (Rupees Ten only) per order. This is for the convenience and service provided by MyDukaan App. No, other additional charges are levied by MyDukaan

What about taxes & banking/transaction charges?

Any levies like Government taxes, Credit/Debit card charges, Wallet charges would be applicable as per norm and as per the charges of  service providers.


What is the refund/exchange policy ?

The Local Stores will exchange the product or provide a refund, as long the product is not used and is in the original packing. All the returns are handled by the Local Stores. We encourage customers to check the products on delivery, if the customer is not satisfied with any product it has to be returned immediately. There is no return of the products accepted at time of delivery, used partially or fully.

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